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*Cryptodiamond Company*

Crytodiamond is a cryptocurrency investment company where you can invest in bitcoin and other crypto currencies and get back returns in seven(7) days.

The firm offers you 35% profit on your investment. This is to say you get 135% (capital+profit) after 7 days of your investment. You can withdraw all at the expiration of the 7 days of investment. No hidden charges nor are you compelled to reinvest. You do this only if you wish.

Let's use figures to elucidate my point. Let's assumed you invest $100. After 7 days you make 35%, which is $35 as profit. Meaning, you get $135 (capital+profit) after 7 days.

??What is the minimum investment capital?
*Ans*: $12

??What's the minimum withdrawal capital?
*Ans*: $15

??What is the website link for registration?

?? *What code am I to use as my referral code?*
*Ans*: *12655*

??How can I invest?
*Ans*: Follow the following steps:
??Log into your account.
??Click on deposit.
??Input the dollar($) amount you want to invest
??Scroll down and copy the bitcoin address you are to pay to.
??Go to your blockchain wallet and pay that exact amount in dollars($) to the given address.
??Copy your transaction hash ID
??Go back to the deposit page on cryptodiamond platform and input your transaction hash ID in the space provided for that.
??Then click on *"make deposit"*
??A message will tell you that your deposit is processing and will be approved shortly.
??Finally, all you need to do is to wait for 7 days and make withdrawal into your blockchain wallet.

*Invest Now*
*Live Fulfilled*

*use 12655 as ur referral code*

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