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UPD 16/06/2018. The first demo version!

UPD 27/05/2018. Hello everybody!

We are happy to inform you we will start selling!

We hope to answer faster in the sales period [​IMG]

A lot of time was spent to the organization of production. It was necessary to arrange the delivery our chips to China, discuss the terms of assembly rules, find a replacement for European components in Asia. Instead of one week, we spent four. But now the whole chain is built!

It does not have a fee, but updates will be charged. At now it is tested with monero, graft, haven, sumo and loki. The same coins should work too.

We are a group of developers from different countries. After working over the last six months we are ready to present the result - an ecological "green" miner.
Usually, ASICs are designed for “industrial mining” and they are expensive. In addition, these devices threaten decentralization. Changing the mining algorithm involves the risk to not recoup investment.
GPU mining is more flexible but produces a lot of heat and noise. This accelerates global warming and increases the owner's costs. This forms a feud with gamers! [​IMG]

We have developed an intermediate product. This small device is able to replace one rig and produce 7 kh / 10 W on the v7 and 3.5 kh / 8W on the heavy.

Download: Download Dwarf FPGA

Dwarf supports decentralization because personal mining will now become profitable in the countries with high electricity prices. The device is of low cost and does not threaten large losses if the sudden change in the algorithm happens. This is available to anyone who does not want to pay thousands dollars for ASIC.

Dwarf can be updated. If the next fork will be similar to the previous one changing the firmware will allow the device to function further. This can be done remotely using a unique device encrypted key. We plan to sell updates for a small price.

Now we are negotiating with the factory to produce 5000 units. We expect about 100 euro for each and can tell exact price within 10 days. The sale will be launched soon.

Why do we sell this? Because this board is not designed for industrial mining. It's not convenient way to use a thousand devices for one person. It is designed as an anti-ASIC for personal use in the living area.

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