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Thu Jun 14, 2018 2:25 pm

Hash Auger 1.9.7 Maintenance Release
Added support for Palginmod miner 1.1 (Lyra2v2, Skein and x17).
Added support for Excavator 1.4.4a (Equihash, Lyra2v2 and Neoscrypt).
Upgraded Delos miner to 1.3 - adds support for Skein and Lyra2v2 plus performance improvements for existing algorithms. Merged both Delos miners into a single version. However, due to reports of this miner's dev fee being larger than advertised, its miner fee has been adjusted and this miner is disabled by default for new installations. Existing users can disable this miner via the UI if they prefer to not use it until the Delos developer has responded to these concerns.
Upgraded Z-Enemy to 1.1.1 v4 (fixes C11 issue).
Added support for Delos and Delos-x16r miners (supports bitcore, hmq1725, hsr, phi, skunk, x16r, x16s and x17).
Upgraded Z-Enemy to 1.11 (adds support for aeriumx, c11, polytimos, skunk, timetravel plus performances improvements for x16 and other algorithms).
Added compatibility with the new mbtc_mh_factor added to the Yiimp API. While a transparent feature for most users, this will help reduce pricing errors due to pools changing their pricing factors.
Algorithms that are disabled on all devices are now unchecked in the Pool Algorithm lists. This is only a visual change as these algorithms would not have run anyway.
Fixed issue with mouse scroll wheel no longer working with the Benchmark grid on device panels.
Improvements to the benchmarking process when communication with a pool is temporarily interrupted.
Improvements to the miner download and installation process when an archive is unavailable.
Adjustments to the developer contribution to include a grace period when the software is started near the end of the day.

This latest release can be downloaded from: - Download For Nvidia

Announcing the first release of Hash Auger, a GUI-based multi-pool mining manager for Nvidia GPUs.

Key features:

1.) Completely GUI-based interface with point and click management of mining activities; automatically hides miner windows to keep your desktop unobstructed while still displaying miner output in tabs and, optionally, log files.

2.) Streamlined benchmarking process - each card is benchmarked simultaneously instead of one after another. Unprofitable and obsolete algorithms are disabled by default to reduce benchmarking time. Users can copy benchmarks and other device settings from one device to another and manually adjust benchmarks if they desire. Hash Auger can automatically revise benchmarks with real-world mining results to improve price estimates. Unlike some other software where the developer selects what the perceive to be the "best" miner for each algorithm, Hash Auger identifies the best miner for each GPU based on a combination of benchmarks, real-world performance and any developer fee that the mining software may have. Also, all benchmarking work done online is credited to the user's wallet, not the developer's - which is why some pools must be enabled before benchmarking certain miners.

3.) Each device mines in its own process to isolate miner errors and to allow each device to run a different algorithm when appropriate. For instance, due to the differences in memory architectures, some algorithms such as Equihash and Neoscrypt do better on 1070's than on 1080's. Depending on pool prices, it can be more profitable to mine a different algorithm on each type of card than mine the same algorithm on all cards.

4.) GPU Manager allows users to easily modify device settings on all or a set of GPUs. Users can save these settings to disk as templates for later use or to copy device settings to different rigs.

5.) Users can change GPU utilization and even disable specific cards, such as their primary graphics card, without affecting other cards. Easily set custom overclock settings and miner intensity levels per algorithm on each GPU to get the most performance and stability. Users with CPU power to spare can enable additional GPU mining settings that can stabilize hash rates in exchange for higher CPU utilization. With version 1.9.4, Hash Auger also supports the ability to define custom starting difficulty and difficulty adjustment percents for each algorithm.

6.) Automatic restart of crashed and frozen miners. Detects pool stratum server communication errors and temporarily suspends pools if too many communication errors occur.

7.) Automatically switches algorithms and pools based on current pool prices, each device's benchmarked hash rates, real-world mining performance data, pool and other fees and other factors. Unlike some other products that only mine pools that auto-exchange, Hash Auger also supports pools that do not auto-exchange and can automatically switch work between both types of pools.

8.) Pool fees are deducted from pool prices when calculating estimated profitability. For some pools such as MiningPoolHub and NiceHash, additional fees such as wallet and auto-exchange fees can also be deducted from the earnings estimates. Users can define custom price and hash rate adjustments for each pool to tune the algorithm switching functionality.

9.) Unpaid balances can be displayed for each pool - including internal NiceHash and MiningPoolHub balances if users enter their API Keys.

10.) Can display BCH, BTC, ETH and LTC balances in any one of a number of global currencies.

11.) Displays current pool prices along with profitability listings so that users can spot trends that an automatic switching algorithm might miss.

12.) CPU Mining support - includes two CPU miners and the ability to select a different coin to mine on the CPU than on the GPUs.

13.) Automatic download of miner executables. Will display warnings if a miner file has been deleted or quarantined by anti-virus software.

14.) Can automatically suspend mining on individual devices if the current estimated earnings are below an amount set by the user; automatically resumes mining once prices rise above that level.

15.) Price Spike Limit can be set to prevent wasting time mining coins with unrealistically high prices.

16.) Advanced pool settings allow users to take advantage of advanced settings that some pools offer, such as the MC Parameter on both Zergpool and Blockmasters that allow users to mine specific coins while still auto-exchanging to BTC or LTC. Similarly, Hash Auger supports dedicated coin ports used by many pools that do not auto-exchange. Additionally, users can easily switch between using a pool's current estimates and its actual earnings to customize the software to their mining preferences. Users can disable individual algorithms and coins on pools and even define price adjustment percents to prioritize certain items over others.

Currently Supported Pools:

*BlockMasters co (both auto-switch ports and individual coins using the MC parameter)
*Icemining ca
*MineMoney co
*MiningPanda site
*Pickaxe pro
*Quantum Mining Pool
*ZergPool (both auto-switch ports and individual coins using the MC parameter)

Currently Supported Mining Software:

* Uses DSTM .6 and a couple variations of CCMiner to include some of the most profitable algorithms for NVIDIA cards, such as neoscrypt, lyra2v2, equihash, lyra2z, phi, x17, bitcore and more. Ethminer .13 has been added in Hash Auger 1.1 for ethash mining. x16r (RavenCoin) mining has been added in version 1.2. Version 1.5 adds: Klaust CCMiner, Nevermore-x16r (RavenCoin), Nevermore-x16s, Xevan and XMRig miners. Alexis CCMiner was added in 1.8.2. Z-Enemy Miner was added in 1.8.4. 1.8.6 adds ccminer-phi and spmod-raven. 1.9.6 added support for Delos Miner. 1.9.7 added support for Excavator 1.4.4 and PalginMod 1.1.

I wrote and use Hash Auger to manage my own mining rigs. I have made a sincere effort to thoroughly test the software with the hardware that I have available. However, my testing has been limited to Windows 10 machines running a mix of NVIDIA 1070, 1080 and 1080 Ti cards with the latest NVIDIA drivers. Your results may vary and I would appreciate any feedback.

*** Windows 10 will probably warn you about an unknown publisher when you run the installer; click the More Info link and then Run Anyways to continue with the install. ***

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