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Mon Jun 18, 2018 9:55 pm



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Name: Zealium
Ticker: NZL

Algorithm: POS

Total Coins: 80,000,000

Total Premine: 1,000,000 [1.25%]

Block Rewards:
Block 0001 -1001 [1 Million Pre Mine, POW Ended Here].

block 1002-500000 - MN 10 / STAKE 4 / GOV FUND 1

block 500001-1000000 - MN 7,5 / STAKE 3 / GOV FUND 0,75

block 1000001-1500000 - MN 5 / STAKE 2 / GOV FUND 0,5

block 1500001-Infinity - MN 2,5 / STAKE 1 / GOV FUND 0,25

MN Collateral 4,000 NZL

Staking Maturity: 6 Hrs

Block Time: 60 sec

Coins Per Block:
BLK0001-1001 = 1,000,000 (Pre-mined and Zealiums Only POW) coins. POW ENDS HERE!
1002-500,000 = 15 coins
500,001-1,000,000 = 11.25 coins
1,000,001- 1,500,000 = 7.5 coins
1,500,001- = 3.75 coins
Block Rewards:(Reduce in 3 stages)
Masternode Rewards: 10/7.5/5/2.5 coins
Staking Rewards: 4/3/2/1 coins
Governance Funding: 1/0.75/0.5/ 0.25 coins.

Total Supply: 80,000,000

Dice Site Integrated.

Real (Initially Local) Uses Coming.

ICO COIN SALE VIA DISCORD (View #ico_coin_sale)- https://discord.gg/MCQgazH

DM direct message to speak only with @bassdude or @bitcoinminion regarding coin ICO.
These names are in GREEN writing.

Zealium special thanks to renowned wallet dev @CooleRRSA.



Image ImageImage


Website- http://zealium.co.nz/

Github- http://github.com/zealiumcoin/Zealium

Twitter- https://twitter.com/ZealiumCoin

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/zealiumcoin/

Masternode Monitoring https://mnode.club

Block Explorer http://explorer.zealium.co.nz






Q1 2018: Create Zealium - DONE
Complete Whitepaper - DONE
Create Block Explorer - DONE
Complete Roadmap
Launch Discord Forum - DONE
Launch Twitter - DONE
Launch Facebook - DONE
Create Website - DONE

Q2 2018: Launch Zealium - DONE
Launch ICO - DONE
Exchange Listing - DONE Crex24 & Cryptobridge
Celebrate with Airdrop/s - STARTED
List Coin On Dice Site coming soon - DONE
List On Masternodes Online - DONE
Begin Community Involvment - In Progress
Add To Dev Team
Donate A Charity Masternode
Integrate With Local Platform Traders
Integrate With Local Metal Recycling Company
Update Roadmap - From Potential Community Input
Start Charity Masternodes - STARTED

Q3 2018: 1st Official Progress Report
Continue Approaching local NZ Trading Companies
More Exchange Listings
List On Delta & Blockfolio - DONE Delta
Begin POS Web Wallet Development
Integrate With Local Cabin Hire
Charity Masternode Voting/Selection

Q4 2018: Hire Public Speaker
Promote Crytpocurrency and POS technology adaption
Zealium Real World Use Case Competition (bounty)
Android Wallet Development
Make Promo Videos (bounty)
Contact Charity Masternode Winners

Q1 2019: Release Charity Masternodes And Earnings To Winners
Update On Online POS Wallet Progress
Add Zealium To Current New Zealand ATM Machines
Purchase 1 Bitcoin/Zealium ATM Machine

Q2 2019: Install Bitcoin/Zealium ATM Machine
Begin Development Of Crypto Currencey Auction Site

Q3 2019: To Be Announced

Any questions please ask.
Thank you for your time, your trust, your input.


The Zealium Team

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Thu Jun 28, 2018 12:21 am

We're starting our Community Masternodes to reward our active and contributing members. And it starts NOW!!!

Some examples of activities:
- Voting for us on exchanges
- Social media sharing, quality posts to Bitcointalk ANN
- Being kind, FUN, and helpful around the community - New ideas or Content (Articles, Videos) (talk with us and additional NZL may be awarded)
- Spamming will get you disqualified and most likely Banned

I watch this place like a hawk but if you feel like you need to you can always post a screenshot of your proof of activity in the #bounty channel.

Community Masternodes
1) ZZtV6uwPuNaU5x9TRGHuL8t12NTz7pYamD

3:30 UTC/GMT +12 Monday
10:30 CST Sunday

3:29 UTC/GMT +12 Monday
10:29 CST Sunday

This will be ongoing until further notice.

All rewards will be paid out at the End of the Week.

Here’s how the awarding system breaks out:

80% goes to the Top 5 participants based on the Zealium Team's observation/assessment
- First 30%
- Second 20%
- Third, Fourth, Fifth 10%

20% goes to 2 randomly drawn names each day chosen around 10:30 CST (Monday-Friday)
- Requirement is to be at least Level 2 (Zealium team excluded obviously)
- 10% each between the 2 winners
- Winners will have till 10:30 CST Saturday to respond/DM me or your rewards will be forfeited

In addition, certain community milestones (TBD) will also prompt us to add additional MNs which will grow the rewards pool even more!

Cheers Mates and Let's Gooooo!

- Your Zealium Team

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